Turn-Key Specialty Lighting & Electrical Solutions

Outdoor Lighting & Energy offers specialty, quick-response van service. People recognize our bucket trucks. They know we unlock and solve mysterious electrical outages in parking lot lights and signs. But we’re your local 5 star turnkey specialty electrical contractor, too. Here is a list of the most common “specialty” lighting and electrical issues we handle:

  • Commercial reconnects when power has been turned off. Call us - we’ll get it ready for you. This includes Pop-Up store readiness and compliance.
  • Rapid response to meet fire code jurisdictional requirements. Ex., Fire Marshall inspected your building and handed you a list. Don’t panic, call Outdoor Lighting & Energy. We know the process. Rest easy when you turn it over to us.
  • Exit sign maintanance driving you up a wall? we have a permanent fix. No more maintenance. No more batteries. No electrical required.

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